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Glovebox Greetings Launches in Omaha

Glovebox Greetings OmahaAfter much anticipation nationally, Glovebox Greetings launched in Omaha!

We would like to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported Glovebox Greetings and our mission which is to have a positive impact on relationships.  As is the case with many startup businesses, it takes countless hours and resources to get from idea to operation and the process in most instances can feel overwhelming at times.  But with your belief in what we are trying to accomplish which has translated into unrelenting support from you – family, long-time friends and all the new friends we’ve made since beginning this journey – this process has been anything but overwhelming.  Rather, it has been energizing.  So again, we say thank you!

From the one-on-ones with our male peers to the female focus groups we broke bread and drank wine with to the marriage counselors who graciously gave of their time and expertise to assist us in developing a foundation from which we can achieve our mission of positively impacting relationships, again we say thank you!

On December 19, 2018, we hosted a Glovebox Greetings’ launch party in an effort, and with the intention, of sharing the story behind Glovebox Greetings and how we plan to achieve our mission of positively impacting relationships.  Nearly 300 of our closest family and friends came out to support the launch and have since continued to spread the word behind our mission via the various social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedInTo everyone that came out to support our launch and have continued to spread the message of Glovebox Greetings, again we say thank you!

What sane man wouldn’t spend $20 on a greeting card membership? ~ Brian C.


Our goals and expectations at Glovebox Greetings in regard to our mission are lofty which we are accepting of because we think that the potential to have a positive effect on relationships is worth it!  To that end, we will spend countless more hours and resources to achieve those goals and reach our expectations.  And we will need your continued support to do it which we know so many of you will give.  So, please don’t be surprised when we once again say thank you!

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