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Greeting Card Membership Service for Men

The Greeting Card Membership Service for Men

Glovebox Greetings is a membership-based greeting card company whose mission is to improve the relationships of married couples!  Yes, we make it easy for men to give greeting cards by sending one year’s worth to them all and one time.  And yes, we save men money by providing them eight high-quality felt greeting cards for what two or three store purchased cards would cost.  But the true value of a Glovebox Greetings’ membership is derived by the service which is designed to strengthen the communication in a relationship which we believe will lead to intimacy.

The true value of Glovebox Greetings’ membership is derived by the service which is designed to strengthen the communication in a relationship. ~ Brian Radermacher, founder of Glovebox Greetings

Vulnerability is the door we all must walk through to get to intimacy.  Only when we know of one’s deepest wounds, greatest regrets, highest hopes and lifelong dreams do we really know who a person is.  Yet many of us fail to share these things because we fear how our partner may feel about us after sharing these things or what our partner may say to us if they know of these things.  To many, we view vulnerability as a weakness.

greeting card membership serviceFor many men, vulnerability simply isn’t an option due to social conditioning.  Men are exalted if they can hit a 90 mile per hour fastball or if they can land the beautiful blond or if they can pull down the half a million dollar a year salary.  But if they tell their wife she’s the greatest thing that ever happened to them and their friends find out, many men are emasculated.  So, many men don’t tell their wife these things and we’re all the lesser for it.

Glovebox Greetings was designed to bypass this entire dynamic.  With a Glovebox Greetings membership, men don’t have to be vulnerable.  They just need to follow our lead.  One week prior to every special occasion, an anniversary for example, we send members emails reminding them of the upcoming occasion but more importantly to encourage them to write a sincere and heartfelt message to their wife that will make the difference in her life.  Glovebox Greetings also provides members with suggestion of what to write such as: recall a date you went on with our wife that was enjoyable and recount that date and tell her you enjoyed it or tell her how beautiful she looked in that red dress and how it “worked for you” or simply tell her that you’re thinking of her.

Glovebox Greetings is absolute genius! ~ Tom B.

Glovebox Greetings does not ask men to share with their wives their deepest wounds, greatest regrets, highest hopes or lifelong dreams because many may feel uncomfortable doing so.  But we do get them moving in that direction.  And should they someday decide they want to risk being vulnerable in the hopes of getting to intimacy…  well, they simply need to take one step forward because we’re leaving them at the front door and the door is wide open!



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