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Membership Based Greeting Cards

Glovebox Greetings is a membership-based greeting card company whose mission is to improve relationships!

Glovebox Greetings’ greeting cards are designed for women, to be given by men.  A Glovebox Greetings membership is perfect for any man in a committed relationship.  A membership also makes a perfect gift for any women to give to their son, son-in-law, father or brother.

Glovebox Greetings – The Product

Glovebox Membership Greeting CardsFor only twenty dollars a year, members receive eight high-quality felt greeting cards delivered directly to their home or office to be stored in their glovebox so when the next big occasion arises, they’re ready!  The eight cards that are included are: Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day, Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Just because, Thinking of you and I’m Sorry.

Glovebox Greetings creates unique cards designed to invoke the feelings of love with new designs being released regularly.  All Glovebox Greetings’ greeting cards are printed on 80 pound felt cardstock to ensure that recipients of the cards are receiving the best in class which is of utmost importance when trying to create the perfect emotional experience.

Glovebox Greetings Membership Benefits

Glovebox Greetings members receive significant benefits through membership.  By buying their greeting cards direct, Glovebox Greetings’ members are relieved of the requirement of having to spend time at the store picking through an endless array of greeting cards until they find just the right card.  With an annual recurring Glovebox Greetings’ membership, members are also relieved of the requirement of having to register more than once.  A new set of eight greeting cards is sent annually to members on their membership anniversary date.  This time savings allows members to focus on what really matters which is the message itself!

I wish I had this membership ten years ago. It would would have saved me a lot of time, money and nights on the couch! ~ Bob H.

Glovebox Greetings’ members also save money.  With individual greeting cards quickly approaching the ten-dollar price point, Glovebox Greetings’ members recognize significant value by getting more greeting cards at a lower overall cost without sacrificing quality.  Members no longer feel taken advantage of.

But the most important feature of a Glovebox Greetings’ membership are the emails members receive that assist them in getting the most out of their membership which is the topic of our next blog post so stay tuned!


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